Linkker LM312

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SMRT Buses SG3083D (Service 176)


Operator(s) SBS Transit SMRT Buses
Registration no. SG3070R – SG3072K
SG3078U – SG3082G
SG3073H – SG3077Y
SG3083D – SG3087T
Vehicle make Linkker
Vehicle manufacturer
Vehicle model LM312
Vehicle bodywork Linkker LinkLight
Vehicle bodywork assembler Gemilang Coachwork
Length 12m
Width 2.55m
Quantity 10 10
20 (Total)
Year 2019
Period of registration 13 Jul 2021 – 13 Aug 2021
Passenger capacity Seating: 28
Standing: 55
Wheelchair bay: 2
Total: 83
Electric motor model Danfoss Editron EM-PMI375-T800-1600
permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance motor (dual inverter)
Battery Lithium iron phosphate
Battery capacity 177.5 kWh
Power/torque 139 kW / 828 Nm (Continuous)
231 kW / 2100 Nm (Maximum)
Suspension system Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS)
Braking system Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Anti-Slip Regulation (ASR)
Air-con model Eberspächer Sütrak AC136 G4 AE
EDS model Mobitec MobiLED Ultima (Branded as Gorba imotion LED.e-advanced)
EDS controller model Gorba imotion CU.basic
PIDS model LAWO INFOtainment (Branded as Gorba imotion TFT.compact)
ADAS model ST Engineering DriveSafe
Seat model Vogel Industrie System 750/3
Door model Masats
Additional features
Telematics system TNT Surveillance T-SEEDS
Driver Assistance & Camera systems ST Engineering DriveSafe Intelligent Warning System
TNT Surveillance T-DA Driver Alert System
TNT Surveillance T-FA Front Alert Camera
TNT Surveillance T-SA Side Alert Cameras
Others Rooftop charging rails for inverted pantograph charging (Oppcharge)
USB charging ports
Stroller restraint system


SBS Transit[edit]

Registration no. Service
SG3070R BNDEP 40//38
SG3071M BNDEP 40//38
SG3072K BNDEP 38
SG3078U BNDEP 38
SG3079S BNDEP 38
SG3080L BNDEP 38
SG3081J BNDEP 38
SG3082G BNDEP 38
SG3088R BNDEP 38
SG3089M BNDEP 38

SMRT Buses[edit]

Registration no. Service
SG3073H KJDEP 976
SG3074E KJDEP 976
SG3075C KJDEP 976
SG3076A KJDEP 976
SG3077Y KJDEP 976
SG3083D KJDEP 176
SG3084B KJDEP 176
SG3085Z KJDEP 176
SG3086X KJDEP 176
SG3087T KJDEP 176

Former deployments[edit]

Other information[edit]


BNDEP Bedok North Depot
KJDEP Kranji Depot

Buses in depots[edit]

SBS Transit[edit]

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BNDEP 10 buses SG3070R SG3071M SG3072K SG3078U SG3079S SG3080L SG3081J SG3082G SG3088R SG3089M

SMRT Buses[edit]

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KJDEP 10 buses SG3073H SG3074E SG3075C SG3076A SG3077Y SG3083D SG3084B SG3085Z SG3086X SG3087T

Lifespan expiry date[edit]

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Lifespan expiry date Registration no.
12 Jul 2038 SG3088R
18 Jul 2038 SG3073H
21 Jul 2038 SG3070R, SG3089M
22 Jul 2038 SG3074E, SG3084B
26 Jul 2038 SG3071M, SG3072K, SG3080L
29 Jul 2038 SG3075C, SG3085Z, SG3086X
4 Aug 2038 SG3078U, SG3079S, SG3081J, SG3082G
12 Aug 2038 SG3076A, SG3077Y, SG3083D, SG3087T

Type of purchase(s)[edit]

All buses are bought under Land Transport Authority (LTA)'s Bus Contracting Model (BCM).


  • All buses have the "Eco-Friendly Electric Bus - 100% Cleaner Energy" & smaller sized "Eco Bus - Zero Emissions, Cleaner Air" decals pasted.
  • SG3086X does not have Linkker logo pasted on the front of the bus.

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