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Michelle Liu Lee Lyne, (b. 1963) better known as Liu Ling-ling or Lau Leng Leng, is a getai compere and actress.


Liu started her career in getai at age 12. Currently, she is involved in production of getai shows and training and grooming of new getai talent.

Like fellow getai comperes Wang Lei and Ah Nan, Liu has occasionally dabbled in acting. Her most notable role yet is in the 2006 film 881.

Liu used to weigh 95kg, but after a health scare and on advice from her doctor, went on a weight-loss regime. She now weighs 80kg.

Liu married her property agent husband in 1998.


  • Money No Enough (1998)
  • That One No Enough (1999)
  • 881 (2006)
  • I Not Stupid Too (2006)
  • The Vietnamese Bride (2006)
  • Just Follow Law (2007)
  • 12 Lotus (2008)
  • Happy Go Lucky (2010)
  • Homecoming (2011)