The Vietnamese Bride (movie)

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The Vietnamese Bride' is a 2006 Singaporean movie directed by Michael Woo, starring Henry Thia and Lina Ng.


The movie begins with a meeting of the Black Dragon Triad. The boss is sick with dengue fever, and senior gang members Leng, Hu, and Kiok are openly contending for the leadership. He entrusts Or Gwee with a doll containing his will.

Karang guni man Hui lives with his brother Gui and sister-in-law Mei, and is always getting in their way. They decide to find him a bride in hopes of getting him to move out some day.

Hui finds it difficult to get along with his new Vietnamese bride Sia at first. He is embarrassed when Sia refuses to help him with his work and gets work as a masseuse. Unknown to him, Sia is in Singapore to look for her boyfriend Guang, who left some years ago in search of a better life. She only reveals this to him when a jealous friend attempts to sabotage her strong position in a talent competition.

Hui unwittingly comes across the doll and becomes entangled with the gang's squabbles. Or Gwee kidnaps Gui and Mei, holding them for the ransom of the doll. The police arrive and Leng, Hu and Kiok are arrested, but Or Gwee gets away. Sia is shocked to find that Guang is the getaway driver.

Sia decides to break off with Guang, and promises her hand in marriage to Hui. The movie ends on a happy note, as Mei is finally pregnant, and Or Gwee discovers that he is the Boss's son from a relationship with Granny.


  • Henry Thia as Tay Pin Hui
  • Lina Ng as Lin Ching Sia
  • MC King as Ah Gui
  • Sharon Wong as Mei
  • Liu Lee Lyne as Granny
  • Tony Koh as Or Gwee
  • Johnny Ng as Black Dragon Triad boss
  • Lim Kian Hock as Leng
  • Yap Hei Long as Hu
  • Steven Woon as Kiok
  • Lim Ann Nah as Aunt Siang
  • Fish Chaar as Guang
  • Roy Ngerng as Wan Ma