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SBS Transit Stadium Direct Services were introduced on 23rd December 2005 to bring concert goers, football enthusiasts & food lovers back to the HDB heartlands from the Singapore Indoor Stadium and the then-National Stadium. It provide direct links to 4 HDB towns such as Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Boon Lay & Tampines and operates after popular major concerts ending in the late hours such as "Very A-Do Live in Singapore" & "The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour 07".

Buses would park at the first stop after Kallang Theatre at Stadium Walk to pick up passengers after each major concert ends in the late hours. Stadium Direct Services used to charge $2 for Adult fares & $1 for Child/Student/Senior Citizen fares. e-Stamp & concessionary travel were not applicable on Stadium Direct Services.

When Stadium Direct Services were deployed for any concerts & events ending in the late hours, posters would be put up at the 4 terminating bus interchanges & terminals as well as the bus stops that serve the Stadium Direct Services, informing the commuters that the service would be available.

With the proposed demolition of the former National Stadium and the closure of roads within the National Stadium vicinity, all 4 Stadium Direct Services were discontinued on 1st September 2010. Its last day of operation was on 17th April 2010 as there were no other upcoming events ending at the late hours after this date before the discontinuation of all Stadium Direct Services.

At the time of introduction, the 4 Stadium Direct Services served at the only key bus stop at Stadium Walk (Aft Kallang Theatre) before it was being amended to Stadium Rd (Aft Stadium Dr) before plying on the express sector.

Past Concerts & Events[edit]

These were the past concerts & events held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium that ends in the late hours, with the operation of Stadium Direct Services.

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Date Name of concert/event
23 December 2005 Very A-Do Live in Singapore
14 January 2006 Stefanie Sun Live in Singapore
24 January 2006 Backstreet Boys Never Gone Tour
24 June 2006 Just JJ World Tour 2006
21 October 2006 Wang Lee Hom Heroes of Earth World Tour
24 October 2006 Hype Up 2006
28 October 2006 6th Global Chinese Music Award
2 December 2006 Wakin 20th Anniversary Concert
9 December 2006 Sandy Lam World Tour 2006
21 January 2007 Rain's Coming World Tour
27 January 2007 S.H.E. Perfect 3 World Tour
7 April 2007 Jolin: Dancing Diva Singapore Concert 2007
11-12 May 2007 Liza Wang & the Singapore Chinese Orchestra - A Mother's Day Celebration
19 May 2007 Forever Grasshopper in Concert
13-15 July 2007 The Year of Jacky Cheung World Tour 07
18 August 2007 Tsai Chin World Tour 2007
1 September 2007 Aaron Kwok Dancing Nation Live in Singapore 2007
8 September 2007 Tong An Ge & Zhou Zhi Ping Concert 2007
13 Oct 2007 Sammi Cheng: Show Mi 2007 Concert
27 October 2007 Singapore Hit Awards 2007
19 April 2008 David Tao 2008 (123 我们都是木头人)
26 April 2008 Mayday: Down To Earth Concert
10 May 2008 Jenny Tseng Singapore Concert 2008
18 October 2008 Sandy Lam Live in Singapore
12-13 December 2008 Andy Lau Wonderful World Concert Tour 2008
19 December 2008 Fahrenheit's Fantasy World Tour
27 December 2008 Fong Fei Fei World Tour 2008
20 February 2009 Yoga "Trick" Concert Live in Singapore 2009
28 March 2009 JJ World Tour 2009
18 April 2009 Wei Song, Si Song (Garden of Music) Concert 2009
9 May 2009 Grasshopper Right Now in Concert 2009
23 May 2009 Tsai Chin: 2009 The New Endless Love
30 May 2009 Aaron Kwok De Show Reel Live in Concert 09
21 November 2009 Fei Yu Qing Live in Singapore 2009
8 January 2010 David Tao in Space: The Rock & Talk Show
23 January 2010 Super Band 2010 World Tour Final Voyage in Singapore
29-30 January 2010 A*Mei AMIT Live First World Tour 2010 in Singapore
19 February 2010 Sam Hui CNY Concert Live in Singapore
17 April 2010 DNA Mayday World Tour (2010 Unlimited Edition)
S.H.E. is the One World Tour Concert Singapore 2010


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Service Road name Bus stop name
SS1 Ang Mo Kio Route
Stadium Walk Aft Kallang Theatre
Stadium Rd Aft Stadium Dr
Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 Townsville Pr Sch
Blk 409A
Blk 443
Ang Mo Kio Ave 3 Blk 452
Blk 427
Opp Ang Mo Kio Stn
Blk 324
Blk 209
Mayflower Sec Campus II
Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 Blk 258
Blk 172
Opp Blk 155
Blk 612
Opp Blk 622
Yio Chu Kang Rd Opp Seasons Park
Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 Opp Castle Green
Yio Chu Kang Stn
Ang Mo Kio Ave 8 Yio Chu Kang Ter
SS2 Bedok Route
Stadium Walk Aft Kallang Theatre
Stadium Rd Aft Stadium Dr
Bedok Reservoir Rd Blk 646
Blk 122
Blk 133
Blk 140
Aft Kaki Bukit Ctr
Opp Blk 701
Blk 745
Opp Blk 716
Opp Blk 726
Opp Blks 731/734
Opp Blk 738
Bedok North Ave 3 Blk 761A
Bedok Green Sec Sch
Blk 109
Bet Blks 139/140
Bedok North St 1 Bedok Ctrl PO
Bedok North Ave 1 Bedok Int
SS3 Boon Lay Route
Stadium Walk Aft Kallang Theatre
Stadium Rd Aft Stadium Dr
Jurong Town Hall Rd Opp German Ctr
Opp Intl Business Pk
Jurong Town Hall
Opp Jurong Reg Library
Jurong East Ctrl Blk 124
Seventh-Day Advent Ch
Blk 209
Jurong East Ave 1 Blk 239
Blk 229
Parc Oasis
Blk 347
Opp Jurong Polyclinic
Jurong West Ave 1 Blk 490
Blk 463
Blk 457
Blk 502
Blk 536
Boon Lay Ave Blk 213
Blk 185
Boon Lay Gdn Pri Sch
Jln Boon Lay Opp Blk 695
Jurong West Ctrl 3 Boon Lay Int
SS4 Tampines Route
Stadium Walk Aft Kallang Theatre
Stadium Rd Aft Stadium Dr
Tampines Ave 2 Blk 141
Opp The Holy Trinity Ch
Blk 206
Tampines East CC
Tampines St 32 Ngee Ann Sec Sch
Opp Blk 331
Tampines St 34 Eden Condo
Tampines St 45 Blk 487B
Blk 489B
Dunman Sec Sch
Tampines Ave 9 Blk 484
Blk 430
Tampines St 41 Blk 418
Tampines Ave 7 Bef Tampines Reg Library
Tampines Ctrl 1 Tampines Int

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