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Montfort Secondary School

Singapore Bus Service (SBS) or SBS Transit Scania N113CRB details

Between 1989 and 1990, Singapore Bus Service (SBS) received 200 units of Scania N113CRB single deckers with Alexander PS bodywork, of which 50 of them, registered in the range of SBS 0031L to SBS 0080U, were originally air-conditioned (OAC). The remaining 150 non-airconditioned ones were registered in the ranges of SBS 3573U to SBS 3722G. Of these 150 non-air-conditioned ones, SBS 3581X, SBS 3628X and SBS 3639P to SBS 3722G were retrofitted with air conditioners, which means the buses were converted to be an air-conditioned (CAC), since 2000.

These buses served the eastern parts of Singapore and were under the control of the Bedok North Depot. The N113CRB was operated on a majority of trunk, feeder and Townlink services in the East. In its last days of revenue service, only two Converted Air-Conditioned buses were remaining; one on Service 58 (SBS3719S) and the other on Townlink 222 (SBS3720L). Two more (1 OAC and 1 CAC) were used for driver training purposes. All non air-conditioned buses were already phased out a few years later, and the entire fleet was finally retired on 6 May 2009 and scrapped.


  • Engine type: Scania DSC11-04, 6-cylinder, 11,021 cc
  • Gearbox: Scania GAV-771R; changed to Voith DIWA863.3 in mid-1990s
  • Total capacity: 86
    • Seating: 51
    • Standing: 35

Safety features

  • Non air-conditioned, converted air-conditioned
    • Photoeye
    • Pneumatic safety edge
  • Original air-conditioned
    • Top speed limiter
    • Photoeye
    • Pressure Sensing
    • Door staying closed
    • Pneumatic safety edge

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