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Moronic Admin

To Supernutorcrazy,
Hi, I know I shouldn't say this to you but your actions are simply moronic/idiotic. Someone just created an account saying that I own all of the other accounts, do they even have legitimate proof? How can you just believe that I own all of the accounts? I mean like, I could've created an account saying that Supernutorcrazy is also bla bla bla. Would anyone in here have the guts to block you? It doesn't mean that when you are the admin you can just block people (giving shit reasons such as an unacceptable nickname, abusing multiple accounts) since we're only a user. Does it mean that you are "above the law" when you're an admin? Please make some god damn sense in the actions you make. Let's just give me a chance to speak out, since the start of my account, how many times did you block me for stupid reasons that you make that don't even make sense? "Any admin will be dealt with if they don't obey the instruction you made", LOL please la bro, you are an admin too, technically, you all are on the same level, how can you "punish" someone at the same level at you? Are you a dictator? Sgwiki should just be renamed to Germanywiki because, you know why?, we have a Hitler here.

Hawkeye (talk) 22:37, 16 May 2018 (+08)



Regarding of the previous ban that I melted up to you is due to disruptive editing (under sgWiki buses) and improper citation (under general rule).

The ban given to you are in consideration of the duration you edit in sgWiki.

Next, based on the account creations, the other account that accused you had no chance/opportunity to clarify but for you is have because we need to conduct investigation.

So far, I have found that your editing profile matches with Thefoodie. Can you proof that you are not him?

Last but not least, as I knew of your anger, all the bad words that you hurl at me this time round, I will absorb it and not deal with you. The notice in the front page is there to tell you the do and dont.

All actions done have always a rational behind which all others editors knew and understand. The past 1 year of chaos caused new rules that you deem unrational to appear.