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Your feedback/suggestion had been open for a debate.

Selection of files[edit]


I appreciate your time and effort to update the bus model display pictures and crediting them back to the respective owners.

I believe there's many more sources out there for you to search from, other than Land Transport Guru.

Also, please refrain from updating them every few months just for the sake of showcasing a new display image.



Hi, please support with evidence thanks. Don't anyhow assume because it's your rep before you check

Hi, SG1782H alway depart YCK int at 1600pm+ dont believe go check...


Hello, SG1812E still on 70 and it doesnt perm 70 during May - Sep 2020. Thank you

SEDEP 70 (May 2020 - Nov 2020)

Incomplete edit[edit]


Can you kindly explain where's your subsequent edits after this?

FYI, Sv139 redeployment is more or less settled, leaving 5207P as the remaining KUB perm in the fleet.


Hi, SBS5215R has been on 139 for the past 2 weeks. For SBS5051X and SBS5236E, I do no see it as often as the other two K230UBs, hence I think leave SBS5051X and SBS5236E as BRBP SP, but SBS5215R as BRBP 139. And for SBS5207P, is there any supported evidence? FYI, I reside along Sv139's route so therefore I am keeping track of Sv139 in the recent and upcoming weeks so I would appreciate if I could constructively support information with regard to the redeployments involving Sv139. Thanks.

Express 851e Deployments[edit]

Hi Litlah,

I would like to firstly mention that the perm buses allocated to 851e are as follows:

SG1749E SG1750A
2 MAN NL323F (2 Batch 4)

SG5921Y SG5922U SG5923S SG5924P SG5925L SG5926J
6 MAN ND323F (6 Batch 4)

However, these perm buses only operate on 851e on Fridays, Weekends & Public Holidays. They will, however, perform on other SEDEP bus services such as Service 70 on Mondays to Thursdays. Other buses from other SEDEP bus services will perform in these E6 buses' stead on Mondays to Thursdays.

I understand that services such as Service 71 does not operate on a Mondays-Thursdays and Fridays schedule, but it is the way it is. While I can admit it is awkward and unusual for such a deployment, I can reassure you that the E6 buses are allocated for 851e and not the other respective services such as Service 70. Furthermore, the E6 buses are reflected as perm 851e on the SBST database.

You can refer to the history of the conversations on Peace & Harmony's talk page or SMB315C's talk page for more information.

I hope you can understand this and revert your edits.

Thank you. Themystery

3122 and 3213[edit]

There's no change in deployment in the above 2 mentioned buses


I didn't touch 3213 though

Regarding buses that have been scrapped before de-registration[edit]

Hi Litlah,

7309R and 7430Y are still reflected on OM as registered despite being scrapped as of today. However, official protocol is that we will update the status to "scrapped" once OM reflects them as de-registered. As such, I have to undo your edits for now. You are contravening the guidebook rules:

Yours sincerely,