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Some help needed for the hyperlinks on the Deployments page[edit]

Hey man,

I wanted to ask if it's possible, could you help me rectify the dead links for the different Demonstrator buses on the 'Bus Deployments' pages? I was pretty sure some of those like the Scania K310UD pages, the BYD K9 pages, were click-able from that main Bus Deployment page last month in Oct. But idk why the option is no longer possible (probably someone removed something in the coding somewhere since then?)

But yeah, if you could help me settle the coding and link those pages back up, the help is much appreciated. I'm sure the pages are still present, because I tried to key in the individual Wiki pages' URLs separately, and they still are 'Live'. So yeah, it's just the links that need sorting. Thanks man for the help! Let me know how it goes. :)

Cheers, SBS9631X

Hello, sorry to interrupt. But I'm sure that those pages mentioned has been there all along.
====BYD K9 <--- Here's the link====
Variant Operator(s) Registration no.
Demonstrator Go-Ahead SG4001J
====Volvo B7RLE <--- Here's the link====
Variant Operator(s) Registration no.
Demonstrator SBS Transit SBS8030L
====Scania K310UD <--- Here's the link====
Variant Operator(s) Registration no.
Demonstrator SBS Transit SBS7888K
Hope this helps. @ SMB315C

Hi SBS9631X and SMB315C,

I get what both of you mean, yes I agree it is confusing to have the headers as link, I sometimes do need a few seconds more to find them, so I am going add the links in the contents of the tables to make it easier for everyone to enter the pages and to standardize it with other models with multiple batches.

--Scania 23:31, 17 November 2016 (SGT)

@SBS9631X Hello,
My apologies as I thought linking the Demonstrator texts would be quite redundant since the deployments are just a few scrolls away from the top when I changed the format for the Bus Deployments page.. I did not consider the fact that the header links were hard to locate, sorry there. --SBS3602U (talk)

With regards to removal of buses on official lay up.[edit]


I understand that there was such a rule, and I am discussing it with the others on this.

This is because it causes inconvenience later on when the buses come back into service. Hope you understand that, and I hope to get back to you when there is an outcome of the discussion.

--Scania 16:05, 13 August 2016 (SGT)


As far as I have been here, there is somewhat an established rule that buses that have already been offcially laid up (not just officially de-registered) tend to be removed from the list in the main deployments page, and their details would be shifted to the non-revenue buses page. That is why I still retained 5026D and 5031M on the page.

However, I acknowledged I haven't been here for some time, so whether such a rule had been changed over the past few months I am not entirely sure. Regardless of whether it is true, I would follow your instructions and let the content stay there as it be.


--ASA1234 (talk) 15:58, 13 August 2016 (SGT)

Just to add on, I did a comparison with the MAN deployment pages. The fact is that, SMB3520G, SMB5046X and SMB5082R are all officially laid up as of today in OM. So I would have to remove them from the deployment list as a result since it isn't a mere difference from SMB5026D and SMB5031M that is under unknown stage.

--ASA1234 (talk) 16:08, 13 August 2016 (SGT)

Reply to the issue of removing rego range headings for several companies.[edit]


I would like to clarify that in removing the rego range headings for several deployment pages, I only did so for those with only a series of ranges that can be placed together in one single deployment list (for example, the Wrights for SMRT Buses are only grouped in one list as they are all SG-plated). In my opinion, these headings are redundant unless there is a differentiation which required multiple deployment lists, such as for Batch 3 Citaros operated by SBS Transit, where there is SBS-plated non-BSEP, SBS-plated BSEP and SG-plated. When there is only one deployment list classified under a heading of a bus company, only the bus company heading is required since the sub-headings are more for multiple lists instead of one single list. Why create an additional heading when the range can be determined either through the specifications, or when the users click on the links to the respective companies' sub-headings under Bus Deployments page? Cheers.

--ASA1234 (talk) 18:19, 3 September 2016 (SGT)

Update: I have thought of an idea. I will retain the rego ranges, not as a new separate heading, but within a bracket following the original heading of a company, such as "SMRT Buses (SG1030U - SG1050L & SG1691L - SG1699R), for those with only one deployment list needed under one company. Hope this works.

--ASA1234 (talk) 18:43, 3 September 2016 (SGT)

Bus Transfer website[edit]

How do you know if a bus has been transferred? What is the website you use?