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Re: About 828L and 829J[edit]

Hi TIB965Z.

Yes indeed, both buses have been laid up (aka awaiting de-registration) at their respective depots. However, there might be a possibility that SMRT is pasting the red logo on the exterior of both buses, like how I concluded back then where TIB904A was "laid up" as of 14 October 2015 but in the end SMRT pasted the red logos on the bus which was totally unexpected. I apologise for not being consistent in my editings, but I will temporarily edit both statuses as Spare Buses. If both buses are not going to be on revenue service in two weeks' time, I will then update both statuses as Awaiting De-registration.

Re:Editing enquiries[edit]

Hi TIB965Z,

Regarding to your quires about whether to list them in, I would strongly suggest so only if the BSEP buses had been on revenue service before like the non-BSEP buses. This is due to consistency work when editing after the "BSEP" rule for editing on sgWiki had been lifted.

Thanks & Regards

-Supernutorcrazy (Talk) 20 December 2015 23:12 (SGT)

RE:Editing of deployment of services[edit]


To clarify the doubt, with effect from 1 September 2016, SMRT Bus Deployments from Depot and SBS Transit Bus Deployments from Depot had been replaced by Bus Deployments by Package. I had intentionally left the existing pages for a period of time in case users felt the need to use this information back instead of Bus Deployments by Package.

As such, it is not compulsory to update the outdated pages anymore.

For more information of the changes, you may refer to Apex-LW'21's talk page.

Thanks & Regards

--Supernutorcrazy (talk) 09:14 6 September 2016 (SGT)