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Yoo Ah Min (Chinese: 尤亚敏, Yóu Yà Mǐn), better known as Lao Zha Bor (Simplified Chinese: 老查某, literally: Old Lady in Hokkien), is a Singaporean actress.


Yoo made her first screen appearance in the 1999 film That One Not Enough; prior to that, she had cameo roles in some Channel 8 productions. Since then, she has regularly played supporting roles in multiple Jack Neo productions, including Comedy Nite. Her nickname, Lao Zha Bor, was first popularised by her appearance in Just Follow Law.


Year Title Role Notes
1995 Morning Express Vegetables stall customer Episode 2
1997 Mirror of Life 2 Shirley's mother Episode 3
1998 On the Edge Ah Li's acquaintance Episode 4
Year Title Role Notes
1999 That One Not Enough Haoren's mother
2004 The Best Bet Coffee Aunty
2006 I Not Stupid Too Old Lady
2007 Just Follow Law Tanya's mother
2008 Ah Long Pte. Ltd. Lao Zha Bor
2009 Where Got Ghost? Old Lady Ghost
2012 Ah Boys to Men Ken's grandmother
2013 Ah Boys to Men Part II Ken's grandmother

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