That One Not Enough

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That One Not Enough is a 1999 film, directed by Jack Neo.


Hong Haoren, Zhu Guorong, and Liu A-Kun are good friends, all facing their own love problems.

Haoren is a white-collar worker, married to Min Hui, a successful executive and career woman who focuses her energy on her career more than maintaining her marriage.

Guorong is an Ah Beng car salesman, whose wife has gotten fat after having 3 kids. Looking for cheap thrills, Guorong cheats on her constantly, and uses the pretext of mobilisation to have one-night flings.

A-Kun is a 30-something virgin, addicted to pornography, who works as a provision shop assistant. His demanding boss' daughter has a crush on him, unknown to A-Kun.


  • Jack Neo as Hong Haoren
  • Mark Lee as Zhu Guorong
  • Henry Thia as Liu A-Kun
  • Hong Huifang as Chow Minhui
  • Felix Ong as Provision shop owner
  • Patricia Mok as Daughter
  • Ni Yan as Jenny, Minhui's Mainland Chinese secretary and Haoren's "mistress"
  • Justina Low as Chun Huay, Guorong's wife
  • Yoo Ah Min (aka Lao Zha Bor) as Haoren's mother
  • Gregory Teo as Haoren's relative
  • Liu Lee Lyne as Huay's friend "Nia Ya Sau"
  • Lily Ong Siew Keng as Kun's mother
  • Dick Su as boyfriend
  • Irene Ang as mamasan
  • MC King as car salesman