Greenview Secondary School

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Greenview Secondary School.png
Greenview Secondary School
Sekolah Menengah Greenview
Opened 1994
Closed 2018
Address 15 Pasir Ris Street 21, Singapore 518969
Former Principal Mr Ng Boon Kiat
Former Vice Principal Ms Tan Chor Hiang
Mr Raj Kumar
Abbreviation GVSS
Vision Every Greenviewan a Passionate Learner, Confident Leader, and Caring Citizen.
Mission Engaging Hearts, Enriching Minds, Developing Character.
Motto Strive for Success

Greenview Secondary School (GVSS) was a government co-educational neighbourhood secondary school in Pasir Ris. It was founded in 1994. The Principal was Mr Ng Boon Kiat. The Vice-Principal was Ms Tan Chor Hiang.

The nearest MRT station is Pasir Ris.


Completed at the cost of about $14 million at 15 Pasir Ris Street 21, Greenview Secondary started in 1994 with 17 Secondary One classes and 681 students. It had 36 classrooms, more laboratories, and computer, commerce, language, CCA rooms than other schools and had a career guidance and a counselling room. The building also featured an amphitheater in the atrium to provide a place for student-staff interaction.

In a bid to equip students with the knowledge of connecting computers to the web of networks across the globe during the internet boom, Greenview Secondary set up a “networking academy” using course material from the American-based network manufacturer Cisco Systems in 1999. It was the the second educational institution in Singapore to teach networking after Temasek Polytechnic. 26 Secondary Two students with a minimum grade of B3 in Mathematics as well as eight other students from four nearby schools – East View, St Hilda’s, Springfield and Dunman Secondary Schools – were selected for this two-year course. The students spent two hours every Saturday afternoon in Greenview Secondary’s capacious Rainforest Computer Lab where 43 computers arranged in clusters were surrounded by murals of trees and animals of rainforests.

The school merged with Loyang Secondary School to form Loyang View Secondary School in 2018.

The school song
Greenview our school
To you we pledge our loyalty
Honest Sincere Friendly Courteous
We shall be
And uphold our school motto
Strive for success
Greenview Greenview
Together we can make it
A better future
For you and me
Greenview Greenview
Hand in hand
We'll strive for success
A better future
For you and me


When a pupil breaks the school rules or commits offences, the pupil may be faced with one or more of the following consequences:

  • The pupil's name will be reported to the Ministry of Education through the School Cockpit system. The School Cockpit (Offence Module) system is a computerised system designed to track pupils' behaviour in school.
  • Pupil may be warned and counselled for the offence that he/she committed.
  • Pupil's parents may be called in to see the Teachers, Vice Principal or Principal.
  • Pupil may be caned for the offence (male students only).
  • Pupil may be internally suspended from lessons or externally suspended from school.
  • Pupil may be expelled from school.
  • Pupil may be referred to external agencies such as the Police or Homes of Juvenile Offenders.