One More Chance (film)

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One More Chance (Simplified Chinese: 三个好人, literally: "Three Good Men") is a 2005 Singaporean film, directed by Jack Neo.

Cast and Crew


  • Mark Lee as Chin Wu Huang
  • Marcus Chin as Wang Wei Guang
  • Henry Thia as Goh Chun Hwee
  • Apple Hong as Teo Bee Poh
  • Megan Zheng as Chin Xiaowei
  • Chen Hong as Mike Lim
  • Lina Ng as Goh Bee Lian
  • Zeng Si Pei as Hwee's mother
  • Michelle Tay as Hwee's girlfriend
  • See Bok Koon (alias Big Brother 'Crazy' Jimmy) as Inmate Nan
  • Daisy Irani as Traffic Warden A
  • Asmiyati bin Asbah as Traffic Warden B
  • MC King as Kenny
  • Eric Huang Po Ju as 7-Eleven Cashier
  • Boris Boo as Priest
  • Jack Neo as Reporter
  • Johnny Ng as Cinema Audience Member


Huang, Guang and Hui are the three main leads in the movie. They come from different educational and social backgrounds; they uphold different life perceptions and they were locked up for a different reason. Despite their extreme differences, they nurtured an extraordinary bonding between them through their time in prison.

Unfortunately, upon their release from prison, the trio encountered severe family pressure and social discrimination. In the end, fate brought them back together again… Chen You Huang (starred by Mark Lee) is a boastful, conceited man whom would never fail to flaunt himself. He was put behind the bars for six years for involving in commercial fraud. He was arrested on day of his wedding. By the time he was sentenced to jail, his wife was already pregnant.

Huang’s daughter, Xiaowei, has never addressed him as “daddy”. While this fact depressed Huang, it became his became his sole motivating force during his lock-up days… Forlornly, just before his struggling days were over, Huang learned of his wife, Mei Bao’s new marriage prospect - Mike, a jewellery businessman.

Huang was totally traumatised by the news and became dejected about his life. Fortunately, his inmates and the prison counsellor had encouraged him and help him overcome his depression.

Consequently, Huang repented and promised Xiaowei that he would never lie again. Hence, the most critical task that strapped on Huang’s shoulders upon his release was not just about how to return to the society or how to become a worthy person but was how to savage his marriage and win over his wife and daughter.

Following his promise, Huang bravely endured all adversities in his new job search. Despite the discrimination that he received from his employers who learned of his ex-conviction, Huang stood firm to start anew and declined to be in ally with his accomplice in fraud.

Eventually, he was coerced to work in Mike’s company where he tried to complicate things between Mei Bao and Mike, triggering off a series of hilarious events. Consequently, his determination and perseverance to turn over a new leaf managed to move his wife and daughter.