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Hougang South Bus Interchange was permanently closed on 15th February 2004. Located at Hougang St 21, the interchange's structure continues to stand pending a major redevelopment of the site, and is currently known as "Kovan Hub". In the meantime, the vacated building is used as a community space for exhibitions and for commercial purposes, and the bus lots as parking space.

The Hougang South Bus Interchange started operations on 30th October 1983, as Hougang Bus Interchange, serving Hougang New Town, with 3 trunk services & 2 feeder services. The new town, at that time was just four neighbourhoods, with large tracts to the northwest of Upper Serangoon Road still undeveloped. The commercial centre at Hougang Street 21 thus served as a town centre. From the 1990s, however, the town was rapidly expanded with five more neighbourhoods constructed, and a new, permanent town centre further north was built. As is the case for all other bus interchanges (except Eunos Bus Interchange) in which they are located in their respective town centres, the Hougang Bus Interchange was to be moved to the new town centre, while the existing facility will be demolished. Its bus services were then amended to terminate at either Serangoon, Hougang Central or Punggol.

When this plan was publicised, it created an uproar amongst the local populance, particularly shopowners in Hougang Street 21. With the help of local politicians, the protests were made to the relevant authorities, resulting in a delay in the interchange's closure. The Government was adamant on removing the bus interchange, however, as it insists it makes little sense to have two bus interchanges in one town, and the opening of the Kovan MRT Station on the North East Line will help to continue bringing in the crowds. It proceeded to build a new, permanent interchange, known as the Hougang Central Bus Interchange, and renamed the existing interchange as the Hougang South Bus Interchange, which took effect on 17th December 1994.

Although the Hougang South Bus Interchange no longer functions as a bus interchange after its closure on 15th February 2004, commuters can still alight and disembark there as a bus stop.

Kovan Hub also serves as a transit stop for CitiExchange express coaches to and from Malaysia with popular destinations such as Genting Highlands and Kuala Lumpur, most of which are of the Super VIP type.

Currently, Services 112, 113, 115 & 119 serves at the former Hougang South Bus Interchange, which is a bus stop known as Hougang St 21 FC (Bus Stop 63221).