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 I am user SG5119Y.I am a SG forum user but my SG forum name is not SG5119Y.Regarding on your edit,I can understand how both u and other user feels.TIB1206A is now perm.I also text that user already.Cheers.Thanks.

RE: Suspected Multiple accounts hold by TIB1152X 190[edit]

Hi SG5064X,

Thank you for whistle blowing the two accounts for suspected multiple account holders. I had been observing the two accounts that you had provided over the days. As the editing patterns are different from one another, there is no concrete link to be hold by the same users.

Regarding on the clause on editing false information/disruptive editing, I would sincerely apologies as my main duty in-charge (as admin) is under the RAIL sector and not buses. You may wished to inform another admin @ Apex-LW'21 or any of the long-time editors to backed your claim before I could do any preventive measures.

Thanks & Regards

--Supernutorcrazy (talk, administrator) 27 June 2017 16:49 SGT

OC deployment[edit]


I believe that 107L should be more sticky to 975 now that it has the nursing advert. Meanwhile for 104U, it keeps jumping around, or operates during peak hours only hence it's not seen.. hope this will help --TIB965Z (talk) 18:44, 19 June 2018 (+08)

Perm status[edit]

Dear user,

It has come to my attention whenever I edit something as a service perm u would always remove without hesitating. I does fact check to make sure I do not miss or get any facts wrong as much as possible. For instance,SG5172S has been always a 190 perm just that it spawn abt other services for a few weeks. Recently it have come back on 190 performing on their usual duties. I sincerely hope you can check for yourself before jumping to conclusion. Thank you.

Kranji B1s[edit]

Hi, just a quick check from your perspective, how often do these batch 1s spawn on 979 in your point of view?

Based on my checks in Bukit Panjang last month for weekdays, I have seen them going on 180, 190/A, 922, 972/M, 991 during morning peak and 3-6pm.

I have never seen them for every morning peak hour along 979 route, and occasionally only one Batch 1 will appear on 979 during evening peak at least once per week. In their place there will usually be a Euro 6 A95 and a random split shift slot for single/double decker.

Would appreciate if more checking is done, I will try relay the info from my part the best I can! Thanks and regards.

Edit: Other than the Batch 1 Euro Vs, have confirmed that all the current E500s, 5494, 5887 are still in 979 fleet on a daily basis.