MAN ND323F (Euro V) (Batch 1)

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Tower Transit SMB5888H (Service 965) — Demonstrator
SMRT Buses SMB5889E (Service 979) — Batch 1


Operator(s) Tower Transit SMRT Buses Tower Transit
Demonstrator Batch 1
Registration no. SMB5888H SMB5889E
SMB5891Y – SMB5904U
Vehicle make MAN
Vehicle manufacturer MAN Truck & Bus
Vehicle model ND323F (A95)
Vehicle bodywork MAN Lion's City DD
Vehicle bodywork assembler Gemilang Coachwork
Length 12m
Width 2.55m
Quantity 1 2 14
16 (Total)
Year 2013 2015
Period of registration 1 Oct 2014 31 Aug 2015 – 30 Nov 2015
Passenger capacity Seating (Upper deck): 57
Seating (Lower deck): 28
Standing: 50
Wheelchair bay: 1
Total: 135
Engine model MAN D 2066 LUH-32
Engine capacity 10518 cc
Emission standard Euro V
Transmission model ZF EcoLife 6 AP 2000 B
Power/torque 320 hp (235 kW) @ 1900 rpm / 1600 Nm @ 1000 - 1400 rpm
Suspension system Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECS)
Braking system Electronic Braking System (EBS)
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
Antriebsschlupfregelung (ASR) / Traction Control System (TCS)
Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)
Exhaust system MAN PURE DIESEL Technology (Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Technology) (MAN PM-KAT)
Air-con model Denso
EDS model Aesys Libra (original)
Mobitec MobiLED
Mobitec MobiLED
EDS controller model Aesys KC640-USB (original)
Mobitec MobiMASTER ICU 402
Mobitec MobiMASTER ICU 402
Seat model Ster NewCity Vogelsitze System 750/3
Door model Masats
Additional features Tongda TD-10 Bus line managing and station announcer system
Stroller restraint system
N/A Tree guards
Daytime Running Lamp (DRL)
"Doors are closing" announcement (Front door)
Upper deck seat counter display (Driver's cab)
Straight staircase
Third brake light
Blind spot mirror (Nearside) (SMB5890A – SMB5904U)
Additional "Bus Stopping" sign (SMB5890A – SMB5904U)
Engine cover vents (SMB5890A – SMB5904U)
Updated dress rim covers design (SMB5892U – SMB5904U)
GreenRoad telematics system
Surround View Camera System
NEC telematics system GreenRoad telematics system
Surround View Camera System



Tower Transit[edit]

Registration no. Service Advertisement
SMB5888H MDDEP Tower Transit Singapore: L: Hello (Finally) From Tower Transit Singapore. Welcome Aboard! R: Hello (Finally) From Tower Transit Singapore. The Newest Operator In Sembawang & Yishun. B: Find Out More About Us. Facebook & Instagram - TowerTransitSG.

Batch 1[edit]

SMRT Buses[edit]

Registration no. Service
SMB5889E KJDEP 979
SMB5890A KJDEP 979

Tower Transit[edit]

Registration no. Service Advertisement
SMB5891Y MDDEP 169 PS & B: Novita Singapore - Novita Air Purifiers: Breathe Well, Breathe Safe. Powered By Nano Ions PuriPRO / HepaPRO Filter. More Than 99.99% Active Virus & Bacteria Elimination In 60 Mins.
SMB5892U MDDEP 966
SMB5893S MDDEP 859
SMB5897G MDDEP Foodpanda Singapore - Foodpanda Food & Grocery Delivery: L & R: It's A Pizza Pau-radise! B: Daily Happiness, Delivered. (4th Gen)
SMB5902A MDDEP 169 PS & B: Novita Singapore - Novita Nano R2 Copper Ions Surgical Respirator: Breathe Well, Breathe Safe. "Breathe Comfortably" With Novita Nano Copper Ions Surgical Respirator R2. Comfort & Effortless • >99.0% PFE Particle Filtration Efficiency • >99.9% BFE Bacterial Filtration Efficiency • < 2dB Sound Lost • 50% More Internal Space Over Surgical Mask • 17.7Pa High Performance Low Resistance Material • Antimicrobial Efficacy For Longer & Safer Usage. (L & R: Blue & White, B: Blue, White & Yellow)
SMB5903Y MDDEP 966

Former deployments[edit]

Other information[edit]


KJDEP Kranji Depot
MDDEP Mandai Depot
N/A Not available
(empty) Two-third (⅔) body ad with front one-third (⅓) of left & right sides left unwrapped (in previous body colour).
B: Ad covering entire rear.
L: Ad on nearside / left side. (Shared ad)
R: Ad on offside / right side. (Shared ad)
PS: Ad covering middle portion of left & right sides, with extreme end of the sides left unwrapped (in previous body colour).

Buses in depots[edit]

SMRT Buses[edit]

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KJDEP 2 buses SMB5889E SMB5890A

Tower Transit[edit]

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MDDEP 15 buses SMB5888H SMB5891Y SMB5892U SMB5893S SMB5894P SMB5895L SMB5896J SMB5897G SMB5898D SMB5899B SMB5900E SMB5901C SMB5902A SMB5903Y SMB5904U

Type of purchase(s)[edit]

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Land Transport Authority (LTA)'s purchase from SMRT Buses for Bus Contracting Model (BCM) Tendered packages SMB5888H & SMB5891Y – SMB5904U


SMRT Buses[edit]

  • SMB5890A features a larger MAN emblem on rear of bus.
  • All buses are equipped with newer generation steering wheel.

Tower Transit[edit]

  • SMB5888H is the demonstrator.
  • SMB5888H, SMB5893S, SMB5894P, SMB5897G, SMB5900E – SMB5902A & SMB5904U are equipped with newer generation steering wheel.
  • SMB5899B & SMB5900E do not have 'Please give way to buses' sticker.
  • SMB5901C features a larger MAN emblem on rear of bus.

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