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Sengkang LRT
செங்காங் லைட் ரெயில்
Status Operational
Termini Sengkang
Stations 14
Services 4
Operator(s) SBS Transit
Rolling stock C810, C810A
Line length 10.7 km
Track gauge 1,850 mm broad gauge
Electrification 750V DC Third rail

Sengkang LRT (SKLRT) is the second Light Rail Transit (LRT) line. The line is currently 10.7 km long with 14 stations and it is fully automated.


Date Event
18 January 2003 Sengkang, Compassvale - Ranggung
29 January 2005 Thanggam - Renjong (West Loop operated in Uni-Direction)
15 November 2007 Farmway
4 January 2010 West Loop operated in both direction during Weekdays Peak Hour.
1 January 2013 Cheng Lim
West Loop operated in both direction throughout the day.
27 June 2015 Kupang
22 December 2015 Two-car trains started operation.


Station Name Image Working names Notes
Sengkang LRT
Sengkang Sengkang-SKLRT.png Sengkang Terminus
Interchange with North East Line
Sengkang LRT (East Loop)
Compassvale Compassvale-SKLRT.png Compassvale
Rumbia Rumbia-SKLRT.png Rumbia
Bakau Bakau-SKLRT.png Bakau
Kangkar Kangkar-SKLRT.png Kangkar
Ranggung Ranggung-SKLRT.png Ranggung
Sengkang LRT (West Loop)
Cheng Lim Cheng Lim-SKLRT.png Cheng Lim
Farmway Farmway-SKLRT.png Farmway
Kupang Kupang-SKLRT.png Kupang
Thanggam Thanggam-SKLRT.png Thanggam
Fernvale Fernvale-SKLRT.png Fernvale
Layar Layar-SKLRT.png Layar
Tongkang Tongkang-SKLRT.png Tongkang
Renjong Renjong-SKLRT.png Renjong


Service Route Notes
A SengkangCompassvaleRanggungSengkang
B SengkangRanggungCompassvaleSengkang
C SengkangCheng LimRenjongSengkang
D SengkangRenjongCheng LimSengkang

Rolling stock

The rolling stock consists of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries C810 and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries C810A trains. These trains operate from Sengkang Depot near Tongkang Station.


Light Rail Transit ViewTalkEdit
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Rolling Stocks Bombardier INNOVIA C801Bombardier INNOVIA C801AMitsubishi Heavy Industries C810Mitsubishi Heavy Industries C810A
Depots SengkangTen Mile Junction
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Sengkang LRT [ VTE ]
Stations Sengkang
East Loop: CompassvaleRumbiaBakauKangkarRanggung
West Loop: Cheng LimFarmwayKupangThanggamFernvaleLayarTongkangRenjong
Rolling Stock C810C810A
Depots Sengkang