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Sembawang – Yishun Bus Package

Buses affected: SMRT Buses → Tower Transit Singapore (PT217B)[edit]

Bus Model Registered Buses
Training Tranche 1 Tranche 2 Tranche 3
MAN NL323F (Euro V) (Batch 1) N/A Production Batch SMB224G, SMB230M, SMB231K, SMB252A & SMB253Y Production Batch SMB223J, SMB225D – SMB229T, SMB250E, SMB257L, SMB280T – SMB282M, SMB301S – SMB305G, SMB307B, SMB308Z, SMB330H – SMB332C, SMB335U, SMB341B, SMB353S & SMB354P Production Batch SMB232H
MAN NL323F (Euro V) (Batch 2) N/A Production Batch SMB1301K, SMB1310J, SMB1325S, SMB1326P, SMB1330B, SMB1331Z, SMB1333T, SMB1334R, SMB1337H – SMB1339C, SMB1346G – SMB1349Z, SMB1356C & SMB1357A Production Batch SMB1358Y, SMB1360P – SMB1368T, SMB1379L, SMB1381D, SMB1391A & SMB1413X – SMB1415R Production Batch SMB1302H, SMB1329G, SMB1332X, SMB1335M & SMB1336K
MAN NL323F (Euro V) (Batch 3) N/A Production Batch SMB1494L, SMB1503U & SMB1538U Production Batch SMB1429B, SMB1522P & SMB1540L – SMB1542G Production Batch SMB1421Y, SMB1423S, SMB1424P, SMB1426J, SMB1430X, SMB1434K, SMB1440S, SMB1444G, SMB1448X, SMB1478J, SMB1479G, SMB1483T, SMB1484R, SMB1488E, SMB1490Y, SMB1492S, SMB1495J, SMB1505P, SMB1506L, SMB1515K, SMB1517E, SMB1523L, SMB1526D – SMB1529X, SMB1531M, SMB1532K, SMB1543D, SMB1544B, SMB1558L, SMB1560D – SMB1562Z, SMB1565R, SMB1567K, SMB1568H, SMB1589Y, SMB1590S & SMB1608B
MAN NL323F (Euro VI) N/A
Mercedes-Benz OC500LE (Batch 1) Production Batch SMB9L Production Batch SMB3C, SMB7S, SMB10G, SMB24S, SMB26L, SMB33R, SMB34M, SMB43L – SMB49X, SMB51M, SMB52K & SMB60L – SMB64B Production Batch SMB20C, SMB25P, SMB32T, SMB35K & SMB50R Production Batch SMB8P, SMB27J, SMB29D & SMB32T
Mercedes-Benz OC500LE (Batch 2) N/A Production Batch SMB78L Production Batch SMB93S, SMB95L – SMB97G, SMB100E – SMB102A, SMB106P, SMB113T, SMB118E, SMB120Y & SMB129Z – SMB132M Production Batch SMB94P
Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro (Batch 3) N/A
Volvo B5LH Production Batch SG3016Z N/A Production Batch SG3000T, SG3021H, SG3024A, SG3028P, SG3030G – SG3039H, SG3044S & SG3045P
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 (Batch 1) N/A Demonstrator SMB5002Y Production Batch SMB5045Z, SMB5063X, SMB5074P, SMB5079B & SMB5081T
Production Batch SMB3519L, SMB3530C, SMB3531A, SMB3533U, SMB3536L – SMB3539D, SMB3541X, SMB3542T, SMB3550U, SMB3554J – SMB3556D, SMB3560R, SMB3561M, SMB3567Y, SMB3568U, SMB3571J, SMB3573D, SMB3574B, SMB3585U, SMB3586S, SMB3589J – SMB3591B, SMB3594T, SMB3596M, SMB3603B, SMB3608M, SMB3609K & SMB3612A
SMB5009D, SMB5027B, SMB5034E – SMB5036A, SMB5038U, SMB5043D, SMB5044B, SMB5049M, SMB5058L, SMB5060D, SMB5062Z, SMB5064T, SMB5070A – SMB5076J, SMB5078D & SMB5082R – SMB5085H
Alexander Dennis Enviro500 (Batch 2) N/A Production Batch SG5704H, SG5705E Production Batch SG5702M, SG5703K, SG5706C & SG5709U – SG5713G N/A
MAN ND323F (Euro V) (Batch 1) N/A Demonstrator SMB5888H Production Batch SMB5893S Production Batch SMB5901C
Production Batch SMB5891Y, SMB5892U, SMB5894P – SMB5900E & SMB5902A – SMB5904U
MAN ND323F (Euro V) (Batch 2) N/A Production Batch SG5740C – SG5744S, SG5746L, SG5749D – SG5754M, SG5757E, SG5758C, SG5762P – SG5764J, SG5766D, SG5777Y, SG5787T, SG5790H – SG5795U & SG5797P – SG5799J Production Batch SG5783D – SG5786X, SG5788R & SG5789M N/A
MAN ND323F (Euro V) (Batch 3) N/A Production Batch SG5820E – SG5822A, SG5854H, SG5855E, SG5860P – SG5862J & SG5864D – SG5869R Production Batch SG5805A, SG5850T, SG5877S – SG5879L & SG5902C Production Batch SG5859U, SG5875Y, SG5876U & SG5886R
MAN ND323F (Euro VI) (Batch 1) N/A Production Batch SG5943J, SG5946B, SG6006H, SG6012P, SG6013L, SG6018Z, SG6019X, SG6023H, SG6024E, SG6027Y, SG6029S, SG6037T, SG6055R – SG6058H, SG6065L, SG6066J & SG6071T Production Batch SG5941P, SG5942L, SG5948X, SG5952H, SG5963B – SG5965X, SG5972A – SG5974U, SG5977L, SG5980B, SG5984R, SG5986K, SG6031J, SG6067G, SG6069B, SG6070X, SG6079Y – SG6081P, SG6096Y, SG6097U, SG6109U, SG6154M & SG6155K Production Batch SG6022K, SG6119R, SG6132B – SG6136R, SG6138K, SG6145P, SG6152T & SG6153R
MAN ND323F (Euro VI) (Batch 2) N/A Production Batch SG6172K & SG6173H
MAN NG363F Production Batch SMB8015R N/A Production Batch SMB8025L, SMB8030X, SMB8031T & SMB8036E – SMB8038A N/A
BYD C6 N/A Production Batch PC7991M, PC8561P, PC8656A & PC8669M


  • *List may be inaccurate or incomplete.
MAN NL323F (Euro V) (Batch 3)

Land Transport Authority (LTA)'s Lush Green livery[edit]

Registered buses (with darker shade of green)
(10 buses)
SG1712K – SG1719S, SG1720L & SG1721J
Registered buses (with lighter shade of green)
(16 buses)
SG1722G – SG1737P
Repainted buses (with windscreen wiper area painted over)
(92 buses)
With darker shade of green
(6 buses)
SG1712K – SG1714E, SG1716A, SG1718U & SG1719S
With lighter shade of green
(86 buses)
SG1700U – SG1705G, SG1709X – SG1711M, SG1717Y, SG1738L & SG1743X – SG1748H
SMB1429B, SMB1440S, SMB1506L, SMB1509D, SMB1512T, SMB1529X, SMB1538U, SMB1549M, SMB1552C, SMB1558L, SMB1561B, SMB1600Y, SMB1616C, SMB1628T, SMB1629R, SMB1639L & SMB3117M – SMB3169M
Repainted buses (without windscreen wiper area painted over)
(1 bus)
With darker shade of green
(1 bus)
With lighter shade of green