Sembawang – Yishun Bus Package

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SMRT Buses SG5786X (Service 171)

Tender Information[edit]

Future Term (PT217)[edit]

Depot(s) Mandai Depot
Interchange(s) Sembawang Interchange
Yishun Interchange
Terminal(s) Lorong 1 Geylang Terminal
No. of Services 26
Bidder Final Operator
Name Bid Price Combined Bid Price
(with Bulim Package)
SBS Transit (Alt)1 $567,294,369.00 $1,003,089,771.00 Tower Transit
SBS Transit (Base) $569,935,356.00 $1,008,839,217.00
Tower Transit $582,062,354.00 $1,025,102,939.00
Go-Ahead $591,490,758.00 $1,057,664,162.00
SMRT Buses $695,945,217.00 $1,189,635,606.00
Guangzhou Public Transportation Group Not Shortlisted

1 - SBS Transit’s alternative proposal differs from the base proposal by having fewer bus captains and lower non-revenue mileage, to be achieved by launching buses from other bus depots under its negotiated contracts.


Service Route Information Route Type
167 Sembawang Interchange ↔ Bukit Merah Interchange Trunk
169 Woodlands Temporary Interchange ↔ Ang Mo Kio Interchange Trunk
169A Woodlands Temporary Interchange → Yishun Avenue 2 Short-Trip
169B Woodlands Temporary Interchange → Woodlands Avenue 8 Short-Trip
171 Yishun Interchange ↺ Upper Bukit Timah Road Trunk
656 Canberra Road → Shenton Way
Anson Road → Canberra Road
City Direct
663 Yishun Avenue 6 → Shenton Way
Anson Road → Yishun Avenue 6
City Direct
825 Yio Chu Kang Interchange ↺ Lentor Road Trunk
853 Yishun Interchange ↔ Lorong 1 Geylang Terminal Trunk
853M Yishun Interchange ↔ Upper East Coast Terminal Supplementary
854 Yishun Interchange ↔ Bedok Interchange Trunk
854e Yishun Interchange → Bedok Interchange Express
855 Yishun Interchange ↔ HarbourFront Interchange Trunk
856 Yishun Interchange ↔ Woodlands Temporary Interchange Trunk
856A Woodlands Temporary Interchange → Woodlands Centre Road Short-Trip
857 Yishun Interchange ↺ Temasek Avenue Trunk
857A Yishun Interchange → Yio Chu Kang Road Short-Trip
858 Woodlands Temporary Interchange ↺ Changi Airport PTB2 Terminal Trunk
858A Woodlands Temporary Interchange → Yishun Avenue 2 Short-Trip
858B Jalan Kayu ↺ Changi Airport PTB2 Terminal Short-Trip
859 Sembawang Interchange ↺ Yishun Interchange Trunk
859A Sembawang Interchange ↺ Admiralty Link Supplementary
859B Sembawang Interchange ↺ Sembawang Crescent Supplementary
882 Sembawang Interchange ↺ Sembawang Road Trunk
882A Sembawang Interchange → Montreal Link Short-Trip
883 Sembawang Interchange ↺ Yishun Central 2 Trunk
883A Sembawang Interchange → Canberra Way Short-Trip
883B Yishun Avenue 2 → Sembawang Road Short-Trip
883M Sembawang Interchange ↺ Yishun Avenue 2 Supplementary
963 Woodlands Temporary Interchange ↔ HarbourFront Interchange Trunk
963e Woodlands Temporary Interchange ⇄ HarbourFront Interchange Express
963R Woodlands Temporary Interchange ↔ Resorts World Sentosa Express
965 Woodlands Temporary Interchange ↺ Sengkang Interchange Trunk
965A Woodlands Temporary Interchange → Yishun Avenue 2 Short-Trip
966 Woodlands Temporary Interchange ↺ Marine Parade Road Trunk
969 Woodlands Temporary Interchange ↔ Tampines Interchange Trunk
969A Tampines Interchange → Yishun Avenue 2 Short-Trip
980 Sembawang Interchange ↔ Lorong 1 Geylang Terminal Trunk
981 Sembawang Interchange → Senoko Loop
Senoko Road → Sembawang Interchange
NR1 Resorts World Sentosa → Yishun Ring Road Night
NR2 Marina Centre Terminal → Sembawang Drive Night
  • Note: Short-Trip and Supplementary services do not add to the overall service count.