Bukit Merah Bus Package

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SBS Transit SG3006C (Feeder 272)

Tender Information


Depot(s) Ulu Pandan Bus Depot
Interchange(s) Bukit Merah Interchange
HarbourFront Interchange
Terminal(s) Kampong Bahru Terminal
Marina Centre Terminal
Queen Street Terminal
Shenton Way Terminal
No. of Services 17

Current Term (2018 - 2023)

Bidder Final Operator
Name Bid Price
Go-Ahead $518,706,175.00 SBS Transit
Tower Transit $483,796,997.00
SBS Transit $474,965,108.001
Shenzhen Bus $449,264,285.00
SMRT Buses $444,925,777.00
Jiaoyun/Travel GSH $418,835,946.60

1 - SBS Transit won the bid price at $471,965,108.00 by leveraging the usage of its existing bus fleet, depots instead of the fleet assigned to SBS Transit for Bus Contracting Model.


Service Route Information Route Type
5 Pasir Ris Interchange ↔ Bukit Merah Interchange Trunk
16 Bedok Interchange ↔ Bukit Merah Interchange Trunk
57 Bishan Interchange ↔ Bukit Merah Interchange Trunk
93 HarbourFront Interchange ↔ Eunos Interchange Trunk
120 Kampong Bahru Terminal ↺ Telok Blangah Heights Trunk
121 Kampong Bahru Terminal ↺ Telok Blangah Rise Trunk
122 Kampong Bahru Terminal ↺ Commonwealth Drive Trunk
123 Bukit Merah Interchange ↔ Beach Station Terminal Trunk
123M HarbourFront Interchange ↺ Tiong Bahru Road Supplementary
131 Saint Michael's Terminal ↔ Bukit Merah Interchange Trunk
131A Saint Michael’s Terminal → Shenton Way Short-Trip
131M Bukit Merah Interchange ↺ Bukit Purmei Avenue Supplementary
145 Toa Payoh Interchange ↔ Buona Vista Terminal Trunk
145A Tiong Bahru Road → Henderson Road Short-Trip
160 Jurong East Temporary Interchange ↺ JB Sentral Terminal Cross Border
160A Jurong East Temporary Interchange → Bukit Batok Road Short-Trip
170 Queen Street Terminal ↔ Larkin Terminal Cross Border
170A Queen Street Terminal → Woodlands Centre Road Short-Trip
170X Kranji MRT Station ↺ JB Sentral Terminal Cross Border
195 Marina Centre Terminal ↺ Commonwealth Avenue Trunk
195A Marina Centre Terminal → Tiong Bahru Road Short-Trip
198 Boon Lay Interchange ↔ Bukit Merah Interchange Trunk
198A Boon Lay Interchange → Jurong East Avenue 1 Short-Trip
272 Bukit Merah Interchange ↺ Telok Blangah Rise Feeder
273 Bukit Merah Interchange ↺ Henderson Road Feeder
400 Shenton Way Terminal ↺ Marina Coastal Drive Trunk
  • Note: Short-Trip and Supplementary services do not add to the overall service count.